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Welcome to my world of love, fashion, glamour and creativity!

Where I share all I've learned over the past 16 years of being a bridal hairstylist, salon owner, fine jewelry designer, team leader and President of my company; Phairis Luxury.

All of my lessons are written and developed personally by myself to give you tips, ideas and guidance when it comes to growing your own business. One of my biggest blessings is being able to work for myself while having the freedom to travel and enjoy life. My goal with these courses is to help develop your business skills and your creativity skills. My business courses are for those who want to start, grow and excel their companies. I created them in order from Beginner to Intermediate and then advanced. Each level gets more informative and progressive so I urge you to start at the level you feel you're at. My business courses build upon each other as you work your way up to the higher levels. My tutorials are coming Spring 2024 and they're for licensed hairstylists and anyone looking to enhance their formal/modern hairstyling techniques. I give extensive, real-world tips and techniques that I've learned along the way. It will open your eyes to new ideas, styles and creative thinking. You will be able to watch my step-by-step tutorials and create the same look on your clients with clear, precise steps and details. For this reason, I again urge you to start at the level you feel you're at and work your way up. If you jump right into advanced, it may be to intense. I want to help you get over your fear of "styling" and put you in a category where your called upon because no one else can do what you do, however that's a process that needs to be learned. We are all blessed with gifts and if you feel you're called to be a hairstylist I want to help you reach your highest potential when it comes to styling. My tutorials are endless. I cover everything from the basics of creating volume on thin hair to braiding, modern wedding looks, curling techniques, which products work best for each hair type and so on. You're able to bundle courses together or sign up for one at a time. I know you will be inspired as you work your way through my lessons. Happy styling! xo - Rebecca
Photography by Scribbled moments photography